It Works! Just some of our customers!

All American & Mrs. All American


CrownClips has been working on All American Crowns since 2005!  Very similar to the MAO CROWN they use a REGULAR CrownClip.  Quick set install or custom works with these.

Miss America's Outstanding Teen


CrownClips is a national sponsor of the Miss America's Outstanding Teen crown since 2008 insuring that titleholders can put their crowns easily.

Today's International Woman


CrownClips is a sponsor of the TIW pageant.  These heavy crowns are nearly impossible to wear without a custom installed CrownClip!

Miss America


CrownClips has been a friend of Miss America since 2005.  In 2009, Katie Stam was crowned in Las Vegas using a CrownClip.  Many of the state queens use the product and love it!

Ultimate Miss


CrownClips has been a friend of Ultimate Miss since 2017.  CrownClips works very well on this round crown.

Miss United States


New in 2018, is sponsorship of the SC/NC Miss United States.  Very difficult crown to wear due of the 6.5" diameter and weight, but works beautifully with a LARGE CrownClip.