One on One Training!

On-line Training

Pageant moms, keepers of the crown, or local Directors can benefit from taking an installation class.  It is one on one - as the Crown Doctor - Rhonda shows you how to install a CrownClip on 1 crown and answers your questions live.   

NEW Business Opportunity

Once you have received installation training (for 4 styles of crowns) you can apply for a state/or/region  for your work.  As an  exclusive "Certfied CrownClipper (CCC)" for your area you will receive   customer referrals and be linked from our main website.  Many customers prefer
"in person" custom installation.

Sign up for a Class!

Let's set up a face to face, one on one session to learn how to install a CrownClip from beginning to end.  This will be on-line and at a time convenient to you!   Appointments made below....